Established in 2001, Marford (Qingdao) Food Co., Ltd. is conveniently located 28 kilometers from the Qingdao Port. The factory covers 80,000 square meters and is adjacent to State Highway 204 and the Coastal Avenue.

    Marford (Qingdao) Food Co., Ltd. has become one of the leading frozen food manufacturers exporting primarily to Europe, USA, Japan and Australia. The main product line focuses on healthy Chinese dim sums such as vegetable spring rolls, curry samosas, onion bhajis, Indian starter and Beijing pancake, etc. Our company is also an exporter of:
    • Frozen meat, including duck, rabbit and chicken;
    • Fruits, including our own brand-name “Crystal Island” Fuji apple and “Crystal Island
” pomelo;
    • Vegetables,  including ginger and garlic.

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